decorated floral cupcakes
blue torah scroll with flowers

Torah for Bar Mitzvah #1

pastel blue torah scroll

Torah for Bar Mitzvah #2

brown set of chumashim - the Jewish Bible

Sefarim for Bar Mitzvah #1

Sefarim for Bar Mitzvah #2

sheet cake with Ten Commandments

Bar Mitzvah #3

Open sefer Torah

Open Sefer Torah

White Sefer Torah Cake with Tefillin Boxes

Tefillin Bar Mitzvah

Round Bar Mitzvah

Bar Mitzvah #3

Open Sefer Torah in Blue

Open Sefer Torah

Golden Bat Mitzvah

Golden Bat Mitzvah

Pink Bat Mitzvah Cake

Bat Mitzvah Crown

four tier cake with purple and white icing and flowers

Bas Mitzvah Floral

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